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Remember that day I told you about when I got sucked into the hot mess of VH-1’s Charm School? These pictures are the reason why.

SFC and I won a photo shoot at a fundraiser for Baltimore Station. Their mission is to “provide rigorous self-help programs in a safe, caring residential setting to support men, most of whom are veterans, who are transitioning from the cycle of poverty, substance abuse and homelessness to self-sufficiency.”

So, with the exception of those 90 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back from Charm School, it was a win-win situation. Baltimore Station got a donation to support their mission and SFC and I got to run around Ft. McHenry like rock stars having our picture taken.

All that and Smitten Kitchen’s broccoli slaw too. That’s how you turn a hot mess into a good day.

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