Shameless Self Promotion

BAH Tube Sign

Recently I’ve been inspired to treat BAH as a serious endeavor.  It finally dawned on me that by investing my time in the blog to cook and write and photograph, what I’ve basically done is develop my own personal brand.  Heck, people charge a lot of money to do that and here I’ve gone and done it purely by accident.  So I started doing things that I never imagined I’d do – like buying domain names, ordering business cards, trying to make sense out of html code and CSS, and finally saying to the world that I’m a blogger.

“Hello world, I’m Wendi and I’m a blogger.  Here’s my card.”

The latest entry on the list of things I never thought I’d do was set up a Page on Facebook.  Go ahead, log on to your Facebook account and search for Bon Appetit Hon.  We’re there, perhaps you’d like to be our Fan?  I promise that there will be no secret passwords or handshakes, no mandatory reading lists, and no pop quizzes.

My apologies if you saw me launch this over at Facebook and are already in the know.  But since it looks like this Social Networking thing is here to stay, I will shamelessly get the word out to try and bring some BAH flavor to the party.

2 thoughts on “Shameless Self Promotion

    1. Thank you Emily. It’s all very exciting.

      Did you find a traditional peach cake recipe? I used to date a guy whose mom made a mean peach cake (better than Overlea Bakery’s) but we didn’t date long enough for me to ever get the recipe.

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