Raspberry Busy Day Cake

I know I often say how any given recipe I’m discussing can be adapted to use what you like or what you have. That ready for the EasyBake Oven cake you see? It’s a perfect example. I took the Blueberry Buttermilk Cake and changed it up. Instead of blueberries, I used raspberries. And because I love the flavor combination of raspberry and ginger, I added a tablespoon or two of diced crystallized ginger to the batter. How cheeky of me.

So be bold. Sing your own tune and make your own adaptations.

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5 Responses to Adaptation

  1. I love a girl with a little cheek! Especially one with good instincts in the kitchen!

  2. cheek and ginger. I love them both.

    It was great to meet you last night Wendi!

    • Wendi says:

      Beth, you ladies are awesome. I don’t remember the last time I had that much fun.

       Can’t wait for our next gathering. Desserts and wine, can it get any better than that?

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