How Not To….

Caramel Fail

Make caramel sauce.   Not once, but twice.  I’ve done it before.  I know I can do it.  But this was a complete and utter Fail x 2.

21 thoughts on “How Not To….

    1. The sugar granulated on me both times. So it never even reached the right temperature to become lovely and amber. I’m going to give it another try this weekend. I’ve got a cheesecake that’s in desperate need of a topping.

    1. I am determined to have caramel sauce success if it kills me. I’ve got a five pound bag of sugar and I’m not afraid to use it : )

    1. Beth, depending on how many tries it takes me to get the sauce right, I may have to hit safeway for one of those 10 lb bags.

      Does the husband think the sugar fairy magically make the Domino’s appear in the cupboard?

  1. Wendi, Never Ever give up on caramel. Food of the gods!

    Perhaps the barometric pressure was too high, or the stars were wrong or the cosmos was out of sync!.

    Cheesecake with caramel sauce makes my blood sugar ache at the thought.

    did you stir it too soon?


    1. The only thing I can think of is that there were some lumps in my sugar to begin with. It only takes one crystal to set off the chain reaction and kill a batch of caramel.

      I did stir the first batch early so I made sure not to do that with the second batch. But the results were the same both times. That’s why I’m blaming the sugar.

  2. I think the husband is just scared that my last ten pounds of sugar (which was purchased the first weekend in October) is already gone. He loves the baked goods, but he always seems shocked that baking takes supplies!

    1. Beth, I recommend that you bring in the supplies at night, under the cover of darkness. Some women hide credit card bills from their husbands, I hide raw ingredients.

  3. hehe.

    So I’m gearing up to do the wedding cake today, and I asked Noel to set out all the butter to come to room temperature. Not only did he set it out, but he fanned it prettily of a plate and even took pictures! There may be hope for him yet…

    but I think hiding raw ingredients may have to happen!

    1. Beth, that’s a good man you’ve got. As much as I love The Mistah, it would never occur to him to do that.

      You’re a lucky woman.

  4. Wendi, Beth,

    Try this one after you have smuggled the sugar in. when he asks “Is that new?” Try “No dear, it has been in there for a good while. You just never noticed it before.”

    My mother used this for years with my father. that started after he took her credit card ( with his name on it) and she went to the store and got one in her name only.

    Saved a lot of loud discussions between them and he never knew the difference. LOL

    1. I employ the strategic pointing out of certain purchases so that others fly under the radar. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt .

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