Retro Recipe Fail

Retro Recipe Fail

I’ve encountered my first Retro Recipe fail.  Don’t ask me how but I managed to fail at pancakes.  How sad is that?  Flour, milk, butter, baking powder, egg, and sugar.  Should be easy, no?  The recipe was easy but the results were gummy.  After the first batch came off the griddle and I realized that things were a bit off, I added more milk to thin the sturdy batter out.  Second batch went in the pan.  Still gummy.  More milk was added.  Third batch?  You guessed it, gummy.

At that point, I looked at The Mistah and asked if we had a Plan B.  It took a while for him to suggest French Toast.  I guess the moral of this story is to always have a backup plan.  Because a lazy Sunday morning deserves a breakfast win.

The Ungourmet’s Mini Apple Pies

Individual Apple Pie

I was seriously excited to try the Ungourmet’s mini apple pies.  To the extent that I made sure I put dumpling wrappers on my grocery list right away and clipped the recipe up in my kitchen workspace so that it was constantly in my face.  Heck, I wanted to make them so badly that I even decided to throw caution to the wind and serve them, untested, to my father in law.  Continue reading “The Ungourmet’s Mini Apple Pies”