Retro Recipe Fail

I’ve encountered my first Retro Recipe fail.  Don’t ask me how but I managed to fail at pancakes.  How sad is that?  Flour, milk, butter, baking powder, egg, and sugar.  Should be easy, no?  The recipe was easy but the results were gummy.  After the first batch came off the griddle and I realized that things were a bit off, I added more milk to thin the sturdy batter out.  Second batch went in the pan.  Still gummy.  More milk was added.  Third batch?  You guessed it, gummy.

At that point, I looked at The Mistah and asked if we had a Plan B.  It took a while for him to suggest French Toast.  I guess the moral of this story is to always have a backup plan.  Because a lazy Sunday morning deserves a breakfast win.

2 thoughts on “Retro Recipe Fail

  1. Pancakes can be harder to make then you think. If you over mix they can be gummy. I try to put my eggs and milk in a bowl and mix them together then add them to the dry ingred. mix them carefully, there will still be flour lumps in the batter.

    1. Pat, isn’t it funny how the things that seem like they should be simple can cause such chaos? I can rock short ribs, chicken pot pie, and all kinds of ‘complex’ recipes but pancakes and waffles truly vex me sometimes.

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