10 thoughts on “11.26.09

    1. Yes, I had my grandmother teach me to make her noodles. I loved watching her do all of it by memory and feel. I just hope this part of it rubbed off on me.

    1. She puts a little bit of onion powder in hers. Just a wee dash.

      I need to learn to cut them thinner because they really plump up in the soup.

  1. OH YES! I should have told you the thinner the better. And make sure they are dry completely before you cut them or they squish!

    I remember being small enough to have to stand on a chair to watch. This was one of my favorite pasttimes! It always meant great soup was coming.

    I was thrilled the day Mommy let me use the rolling pin all by myself!

    then there was the potato soup, and if there was a hambone, northern bean soup with rivels.

    Potato soup and bean soup did nothave noodlws but talking about it reminded me of the yummy stuff she made to make the meat stretch!

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