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Thanks Inspired Taste

Every so often I feel compelled to direct your attention to blogs that you should be reading. I think it’s my Blogger Civic Duty to make sure you get your recommended daily allowance of good reads.  Today, I’m pleased to introduce you to Adam and Joanne and their blog, Inspired Taste.  They’ve been on BAH’s Right Tasty Blogroll since the first time I visited their site.  Ok, maybe they were in my Bookmarks first…but I made sure they got on the Blogroll asap.

The thing about Adam and Joanne is that they are the real deal.  Not only do they cook TOGETHER, they come up with recipes that are…well…inspired.  For instance, their second ever entry into the Royal Foodie Joust monthly competition took top honors.  This was their interpretation of Stout beer, pumpkin (or other squash), and sugar.  See what I mean about their recipes being inspired?  It would have never occurred to me to incorporate those ingredients into that winning plate of deliciousness.  That’s why if my cooking were a painting, it would be Paint By Numbers, without a doubt.  Inspired Taste’s cooking, on the other hand, is art with a capital A.

Not only do they rock the food part of food blogging, they also know that deep down, we all love to get presents.  So I was thrilled that my entry into their recent giveaway was randomly selected as a winner.  That dynamic duo you see up there?  That was my prize.  I can’t wait to break out the spices and get my mortar and pestle on.

Adam and Joanne, thank you for being Inspired bloggers.

6 thoughts on “Blogs That Rock – Inspired Taste

  1. Wendi,

    You are incredibly kind!! We were so happy when you were randomly selected to win the mortar and pestle giveaway, you have been so helpful and supportive with comments and suggestions about our recipes and blog, it is so nice to get feedback.

    Thank you so much,

    Joanne and Adam

    1. Joanne and Adam, I wish I were half as creative as you are with your cooking…and that The Mistah and I could find our own groove in the kitchen. It’s good to know that it really CAN be done.

      The mortar and pestle makes frequent cameos in my food photos now. It lives on the counter which is where most of the pictures are staged : ) So I’ve got a little bit of Inspired Taste in my very own kitchen.

      Thanks hon.

    1. Isn’t it though? I wish they were a little closer to B’more so that we could get them to one of our get togethers.

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