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While I’m away on my imaginary vacation, I’m leaving the pantry stocked with posts from Exit 51 that would have been part of the Flashback Friday series. The following originally appeared on 7/10/09 at Exit 51.

Blog Roll

As if there were a shortage of websites to consume my daytime productivity, I had to stumble across this post on Bitten where Mr. Bittman opened Pandora’s Box.  It was a simple enough question, what food blogs are people reading.  In the seven days between when this post went up and when I read it, 619 comments had accumulated.  Want to guess how long it took me to take a look at the sites that people recommended?  Go ahead, guess.

An entire day.  That’s right, approximately eight hours of my life was spent cutting and pasting and clicking on http links.  If it weren’t for the fact that some of the recs are blogs I already read, and others were duplicates, lord knows how long it would have taken.  In the end, I only bookmarked a few sites but I printed out recipes from some others that I may go back to in the future.

Who knows, some of them may just end up on the blog roll here at Exit 51 for your enjoyment.  Time will tell.

But it got me wondering, what food blogs are you reading?  I’d love to know.

Behind the Music – Food Blogger Style – BAH Edition

While my mental vacation continues, visit Jennifer Walker at My Morning Chocolate for the story behind the BAH blog.  It’s like VH1’s Behind the Music, blogger style.  But you get recipes instead of voice overs, hang overs, and mug shots. And you find out what I really think about “original recipe”…not in a KFC way (I’m devoted to extra crispy).

Jaden’s Coconut Shrimp

Jaden's Coconut Shrimp

These truths I  hold to be self evident:

  1. There are lots of food blogs out there.
  2. It’s impossible to follow every one.
  3. Clearly, I’m missing out on some good stuff.
  4. That’s not a good thing.

Thankfully, the blogs I read help me to find some of that good stuff that’s on other sites.  So I’m giving Alice @ Savory Sweet Life a big BAH thanks for her post of Jaden’s Coconut Shrimp.  Otherwise, this gem would have gone unnoticed by me.  And as #4 states, that is not a good thing.

I am entering this recipe in the Get Grillin’ Event run by Family Fresh Cooking and Cookin’ Canuck, sponsored by Ile de France CheeseRösleEmile HenryRouxbe and ManPans. This week’s theme is appetizers.  Check out all the entries and submit one of your own!

Jaden’s Coconut Shrimp

The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook

  • 1/4 cup shredded coconut
  • 1 tablespoon canola oil
  • 1 pound raw shrimp, peeled and deveined
  • 2 tablespoons butter
  • 4 scallions, chopped
  • 1 tablespoon garlic, minced
  • 3 tablespoons cognac
  • kosher salt
  • 3/4 teaspoon sugar (if using sweetened coconut, omit)

BAH Tip: If using smaller shrimp, work in batches so that they do not steam.  You want them to cook quickly in the pan so it’s important that you only have a single layer of shrimp in the pan at a time.

Pat shrimp dry with paper towels and set aside.

Place a large frying pan over medium heat and add the coconut.  Stir occasionally and toast until golden brown.  Transfer coconut to a plate.

Return empty frying pan to stove and set over high heat.  The pan is ready when a bead of water sizzles on contact and evaporates.  Add oil and shrimp to the pan.  Cook for one minute then turn and cook for one minute on the other side.  Remove shrimp from the pan, leaving as much oil in it as possible.

Reduce heat to medium and add butter to the pan.  Once it has melted and starts foaming, add the green onion and garlic.  Cook until fragrant, approximately 30 seconds.  Remove frying pan from the stove and add the cognac, a pinch of salt, and sugar (if using).  Return pan to the stove and stir to combine.  Return shrimp to the pan and let the sauce thicken slightly and coat the shrimp.

Remove from heat, add the toasted coconut, and gently toss to combine.

Serve as an appetizer or add rice for an entree.

{Printable Recipe}

Blogs That Rock – Inspired Taste

Thanks Inspired Taste

Every so often I feel compelled to direct your attention to blogs that you should be reading. I think it’s my Blogger Civic Duty to make sure you get your recommended daily allowance of good reads.  Today, I’m pleased to introduce you to Adam and Joanne and their blog, Inspired Taste.  They’ve been on BAH’s Right Tasty Blogroll since the first time I visited their site.  Ok, maybe they were in my Bookmarks first…but I made sure they got on the Blogroll asap.

The thing about Adam and Joanne is that they are the real deal.  Not only do they cook TOGETHER, they come up with recipes that are…well…inspired.  For instance, their second ever entry into the Royal Foodie Joust monthly competition took top honors.  This was their interpretation of Stout beer, pumpkin (or other squash), and sugar.  See what I mean about their recipes being inspired?  It would have never occurred to me to incorporate those ingredients into that winning plate of deliciousness.  That’s why if my cooking were a painting, it would be Paint By Numbers, without a doubt.  Inspired Taste’s cooking, on the other hand, is art with a capital A.

Not only do they rock the food part of food blogging, they also know that deep down, we all love to get presents.  So I was thrilled that my entry into their recent giveaway was randomly selected as a winner.  That dynamic duo you see up there?  That was my prize.  I can’t wait to break out the spices and get my mortar and pestle on.

Adam and Joanne, thank you for being Inspired bloggers.

You Might Be A Food Blogger If…


Ask yourself these questions:

Do you instinctively reach for a camera when a meal is plated?  You might be a food blogger.

Do you push people out of your kitchen so that you can get that picture before the food cools off?  You might be a food blogger.

Do you study which side of your cake, steak, bread, or fish has the best profile?  You might be a food blogger.

Do you track blog hits like other people track the stock market?  You might be a (food) blogger.

Do you find yourself blogging, emailing, or tweeting about the latest episode of Top Chef?  You might be a food blogger.

Do you worry about what the next social networking craze is going to be because it means you’ll have to set up yet another online presence?  You might be a (food) blogger.

Do you refer to people in conversation as Sweet Mary, Dining Dish, or Strawberries in Paris as though that really is their name?  You might be a food blogger.

Do you appreciate the beauty of a Printable Recipe widget? You might be a food blogger.

Do you have nightmares about a certain bowtied cooking show hosts showing up on your doorstep for a smackdown?  You might be a food blogger.  Oh wait, maybe that’s just me. Continue reading “You Might Be A Food Blogger If…”