Behind the Music – Food Blogger Style – BAH Edition

While my mental vacation continues, visit Jennifer Walker at My Morning Chocolate for the story behind the BAH blog.  It’s like VH1’s Behind the Music, blogger style.  But you get recipes instead of voice overs, hang overs, and mug shots. And you find out what I really think about “original recipe”…not in a KFC way (I’m devoted to extra crispy).

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6 Responses to Behind the Music – Food Blogger Style – BAH Edition

  1. ooh, must go read to get all of the juicy Wendi gossip 😉

  2. Wendi says:

    Beth, I think I manged to wrangle all the crazy into coherent, even articulate, sentences.

  3. Jen W. says:

    Wendi, thanks again for the interview! I love the comparison to “Behind the Music” too. Now I need to find some shrimp for that curry…

  4. Wendi says:

    Jen, feel free to use the BTM-FBS if you’d like to give your interview project a brand! Maybe Kenny could work up a logo for it??

  5. Emily says:

    Wendi stories!!! How fun! and unique. Just like someone woh would have aname that usually ends in Y ending in “I”! Unique and original! and frankly I’m an extra crispy girl myself!

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