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While I’m away on my imaginary vacation, I’m leaving the pantry stocked with posts from Exit 51 that would have been part of the Flashback Friday series. The following originally appeared on 7/10/09 at Exit 51.

Blog Roll

As if there were a shortage of websites to consume my daytime productivity, I had to stumble across this post on Bitten where Mr. Bittman opened Pandora’s Box.  It was a simple enough question, what food blogs are people reading.  In the seven days between when this post went up and when I read it, 619 comments had accumulated.  Want to guess how long it took me to take a look at the sites that people recommended?  Go ahead, guess.

An entire day.  That’s right, approximately eight hours of my life was spent cutting and pasting and clicking on http links.  If it weren’t for the fact that some of the recs are blogs I already read, and others were duplicates, lord knows how long it would have taken.  In the end, I only bookmarked a few sites but I printed out recipes from some others that I may go back to in the future.

Who knows, some of them may just end up on the blog roll here at Exit 51 for your enjoyment.  Time will tell.

But it got me wondering, what food blogs are you reading?  I’d love to know.

14 thoughts on “Blog Roll

  1. Good question! Other than Baltimore blogs, I read the Amateur Gourmet for his writing style and humor, Svelte Gourmand for healthy but tasty food ideas and the latest research studies, and Smithsonian magazine’s Food & Think blog for food science and history. Oh, and Candy Yum Yum because I like candy.

    I read a lot more, but writing them all down would take up a lot of space!

    1. Jessica, my reading list seems to grow each and every day. It’s amazing that I get any work done at all because I’m fascinated with the food blog community.

  2. Oh man, I subscribe to almost 600 blogs…too many to list! Of course, I end up skimming here and there, or I wouldn’t be able to keep up. 🙂

    1. Tracy, I was afraid that my Google Reader would break if I add any more subscriptions. But if you follow almost 600 then maybe it won’t self destruct. And I’m glad to know that I’m not the only post skimmer. The more blogs I want to follow the less I feel like I can really get into any of them.

  3. Oh lord – I am a food blog junkie. But I have to say I prefer blogs that tell a story with their recipes. And I love looking at photos. I visit so many – you know some already (like Katie @ YAWYEOR) but here are a few more I really enjoy:
    1. Jun @ – His photos are amazing and I love his corgy, Stanford. And the purple food – love the purple food.
    2. Boogie @ – He posts a lot of photos with his recipes. His recipe selections are somewhat easy and he makes them look so pretty. I mean, tasty.
    3. My newest find is Epicurean Escapism @ – Brown butter buttons. Need I say more.

    1. Boo, to be honest, some of the blogs in my reader because of the photos. I might not read a single word in a post but I’ll come back for the pictures. And now I must go clicky on the links you recommended.

    1. Seriously, I am thankful each and every day that my computer activity is not monitored. Because lord knows I could not follow all my blogs if I had to do it on “my” time. And now I need to go click on the links you suggested. Thanks hon (and nice to see you again).

  4. Have to say there are so many talented chefs, cooks & food bloggers out there I wouldn’t be able to even know where to begin in naming them, let alone read them all! I love so many of the Australian blogsters because of such awesome multicultural foods being done here. Love Lorraine’s work at, mostly though I like to feel I’m getting to know ‘who’ it is I’m reading about, so for me, its not all about the food or the recipe….., its the story.
    Cheers Anna

    1. Anna, thanks for the link to Lorraine’s blog. I have to admit that most of the blogs I follow are from the US so it’s nice to get a wider perspective. And I couldn’t agree with you more that the storytelling is just as important as the food and pictures.

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