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While I’m away on my imaginary vacation, I’m leaving the pantry stocked with posts from Exit 51 that would have been part of the Flashback Friday series. The following originally appeared on 7/9/09 at Exit 51.


Will somone please tell me which kitchen god I need to pray to in order to make these beauties my own?  For the life of me, I cannot explain why I am obsessed with these mini-cocottes.  Lord knows I don’t have anywhere to store them, and there are much larger items on the priority list right now.  But these just look so damn happy.


In a perfect world, both my kitchen and my bank account could accommodate this.  For the time being, they are just one more item on my wish list.

6 thoughts on “Want

  1. Ohhhh, beautiful little things aren’t they. I’m not sure about the Wish List God.., but let me know when you figure out just who we need to pay homage to OK?

    1. Anna, aren’t they just the happiest little accessories? I don’t know that I figured out what the appropriate offering to the Wish List God was but I did end up finding these for sale individually at the grocery store. Which was absolutely perfect for me and my space challenged kitchen. I use mine as a kosher salt holder. I don’t know where I would have store the other three if I had bought the set of four.

    1. Souffle, that’s an excellent idea…using as a housewarming gift. Not getting at least one for yourself is never a good idea. Because you KNOW you want it and it will hound you until you give in.

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