Fine Cooking Shrimp Stew

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Since our break up, I haven’t decided on a replacement for Cook’s Illustrated.  I scope out the grocery line to see if any of the other cooking magazines catch my eye with their glossy pages and full color photos.  A few I can eliminate straight away.  Rachel Ray makes me run from my HDTV.  I’m not bringing a pint sized print version of her into my home.  Martha Stewart is too fussy for my taste so she can just cool her heels with Miz Ray at the check out counter.  I’ve already had a relationship with Cooking Light and I don’t see us getting back together in the near future.

So I picked up Fine Cooking on a recent trip to the store and pulled out a few pages of things I wanted to try.  Our first Fine Cooking recipe was Shrimp Stew with Coconut Milk, Tomatoes, and Cilantro.  With a few minor modifications to boost the heat, I think this is a keeper.  The coconut milk and tomatoes combine to form a loose, rosy sauce which could stand  more heat from either some curry paste or more red pepper flakes.

Be warned that the quantities make more than enough to feed two people.  I took the leftovers, gently reheated them on the stove, and used it to top some angel hair pasta.

I don’t know if Fine Cooking and I are about to embark on a long term relationship.  But it makes one heck of a first impression.

6 thoughts on “Fine Cooking Shrimp Stew

    1. Elizabeth, the irony is that I don’t like hot, spicy things. But sometimes I do find myself saying that a dish needs more heat. I’m a walking contradiction.

  1. I’ve been thinking about Martha’s Everyday Food Magazine. It’s *supposed* to be less fussy. We’ll see.

    This looks good though…what about some diced green chilis or a diced jalapeno?

    1. A less fussy Martha? You’ll have to let us know if that’s true.

      Not really a chili or jalapeno fan. I’m only slowly warming up to red pepper flakes and curry paste.

    1. Well, perhaps a less fussy Martha is worth investigating.

      Our pantry now has a ginormous bottle of Siracha. Given my anti-spicy stance, I’m willing to guess that I’ll never need to buy another bottle of the stuff.

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