Why We Cook

I’m always going on about the Universe this and the Universe that and how the Universe knows when things need to happen and why.  Of course, it’s much easier when the Universe allows me to help other people see this in their lives, not so much when I need to see it in my own.  But that’s exactly what’s happening.  And it is ironic that what got me thinking about all this was a post I read over at Bon Appetempt talking about why we cook.  That led me to pay a visit to Mr. Ruhlman and Ms. Reichel and made me stop and ask myself why I cook.  And I kept coming up with the same answers.  I cook because that is how I show that I care.  I cook because it nourishes the people that I love.  I give of myself when I cook in one of the few ways that I really know how to share what’s in my heart, especially when I don’t have the courage to find the words to express my feelings.

But the Universe has decided to challenge me to find other ways to share what’s in my heart.  And for the time being, that means that I need to focus myself on the people in my world, to be present with them, to find the words before it’s too late to say them.  So I’m going to take a step back for now and go where the Universe says I need to be.

There are still new posts scheduled to go live here at BAH for a while, as well as all of the Exit 51 archives on Flashback Friday.  And I hope to be back soon to cooking and writing and commenting and following along with your adventures.  Until then, Bon Appetit Hon.

10 thoughts on “Why We Cook

  1. SIGH! My universe tellsme that this is going to test your mettle in a way it has not been tested before. Just your tone tells me this is life and death and and unknown time factor. Hold your nerve, and know that youor facebook family is standing right behind you and has your back .

    the universe will not lead you astray so go where you are needed and cherished and give what youhave for the time alotted. In the end be at peace with yourself that you did what you did out of unconditional love and respect.

    realize that the choice you made is exactly the one you should have made and the place you ended up is exactly where the universe says you should be.

    Feel free to holler out when it gets a bit much and you need solace and companionship Feel free to holler our if some serendipitous happening makes you feel like shouting. and feel free to holler out to us in the dqarkness of despair and loneliness Feel free to holler out to us if you simply feel all alone and need ahand to hold. We are all here Nobody is going away

    If this need of the universe can be cured with cooking…well darn, you are ligjht years ahead

    Good wishes Wendi, do what you must and hurry back i will miss you

  2. Thank you everyone for the encouraging words. As my friend Jeannie said to me today “take your happy where you can find it”. I’m hoping that amid all the twists and turns that this detour will take, that there will be moments of happy. And just maybe they will sneak up on me in the kitchen.

  3. Wendi,
    You are an inspiration to me in the kitchen and in life. I find it funny, and maybe a little bit sad, that I look to you, your delightful words and delightful food so very often now and I hardly knew you when you were right there in front of me.
    I am sorry for whatever pain you are going through but I also know that you will handle it with grace, strength and all the love in your heart. You mean so much to us all so take very good care of yourself sister!



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