Ina’s Roasted Carrots

We have gotten really bad lately about incorporating vegetables into our meals.  Sure, sure, we still eat a LOT of salads for lunch but back when we first embarked on our South Beach adventure, there was veg with each and every lunch and dinner.  Now, I try and convince myself that merely thinking about making a vegetable counts.

This is not due to a lack of vegetable recipes in my test folders.  I think we’ve just gotten a bit lazy about it.  The only solution seems to be just to get back with the program.

Step One was admitting we’d gotten off track.

Step Two was Ina’s Roasted Carrots.

I’m still looking for Step Three.

While I’m looking, you can enjoy Ina’s Roasted Carrots.

Ina’s Roasted Carrots

Adapted from The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook

  • 2 pounds carrots
  • 2 tablespoons olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon kosher salt
  • fresh or dried cilantro (optional)

Heat the oven to 425 degrees and line a sheet pan with aluminum foil.

Peel the carrots and slice them into 1 1/2 inch long pieces.  Cut the thicker slices in half lengthwise as well.

Place the carrots on the foil lined sheet pan and add the olive oil and salt.  Toss to combine.

Roast for 30 to 40 minutes until the carrots just start to brown and become tender.  Garnish with cilantro, if using, and serve hot.

{Printable Recipe}

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