Salisbury Steak

Salisbury Steak

I grew up a connoisseur of Salisbury Steak.  It frequently showed up on the school lunch menu and on the dinner plate.  What the lunch ladies served up definitely had a mystery meat quality.  And the Salisbury Steak I ate at home came from none other than Swanson. So who knows what was really in it.  Probably lots of things that I can’t even pronounce.  When I saw a recipe for Salisbury Steak in Cuisine For Two, I decided to see what I could do with it.  I figured that even if I totally bombed, it would still be at least as good as any Salisbury Steak I ever knew. Continue reading “Salisbury Steak”

Great Grapes – The Giveaway!

To celebrate the fact that it’s Friday and that we’ve reached the unofficial start of summer,  I’m giving away two tickets to the upcoming Great Grapes Wine, Arts & Food Festival.  To enter, leave your response to the following statement – My Favorite Food Memory Is Of….

The comments will be open between now and midnight on Sunday, June 6th.  I’ll use Random.Org to select two winners who will each receive one ticket.

Be sure you include your email address in the comment field so that I can contact you for additional information if you are a winner.  Tickets will be left at Will Call for pick up.

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Flashback Friday – The Reveal

The following originally appeared on 3/18/08 at Exit 51

The Reveal

Now that SFC has seen the finished work at the house, I guess I can share the photos. Lord knows I had enough to say about the whole process as it went on…

We went from this kitchen:

To this kitchen:

And from our tired old bathroom, to this bathroom:

It’s like night and day. I’m thrilled that the work is done and that we didn’t try and make these DIY projects. We had talked about maybe doing the bathroom ourselves, but seeing the guys using a jackhammery thing to get our old floor up convinced me that it was better left to professionals.

There are a few things I wish we would have added to the project but overall, it’s pretty much what I had imagined.

Spiced Chicken

Spiced Chicken

In a perfect world, I would:

  1. Travel and paint and read.
  2. Be fluent in French.
  3. See the inside of my gym on a regular basis instead of just driving past it occasionally.
  4. Interact with my friends in person regularly instead of sporadically texting or emailing them.
  5. Watch less mental junk food television programming.
  6. Cultivate a green thumb, if it kills me.
  7. Have oodles of free time to cook and photograph and write. Continue reading “Spiced Chicken”


Copper Study 1

Reduce.  Reuse.  Recycle.  We see those buzz words everywhere but how often do we consider how to implement them into our lives?  Recycle is easy thanks to Baltimore City transitioning to single stream recycling each week.  Sheila, you and I may not have agreed on much while you were Mayor but I would personally like to thank you for expanding the recycling program.

There are also great local resources like Free Store and Book Thing for other forms of recycling.  And even though I know I probably consume just as much as the next person, I’m hard pressed to find ways to reduce.  Although if you asked The Mistah, he’d say to start with the growing collection of purses and shoes that are taking over our limited closet space.  Ok, so reduce continues to be a struggle.

But reuse, that’s just the flip side of recycle.  What gets recycled by me today can get reused by someone else tomorrow.  Like that copper pan up there.  That tarnished beauty was hiding on a dusty back shelf in a Goodwill store.  After a good cleaning with Bar Keepers Friend, it was gleaming and bright.  All for less than $2.  So yes, it really does pay to be thrifty.

Great Grapes!

One of the following statements is true:

A) I detest bacon.

B) I am fearless in the face of yeast.

C) I cook food and I eat food so now we’ll find out if I can also talk about food.

I hope you all know me well enough by now to have picked C because I will be participating in a Food Blogger panel at Great Grapes.

Great Grapes is a two day extravaganza of wine, food, arts, music, and fun.  Local food bloggers Minx Eats, Mango and Ginger, and The Baltimore Snacker will be doing the hard work when they participate in the live cooking demonstrations (1PM Saturday).  I will be part of the food discussion (3PM Sunday) along with What’s To Eat Baltimore‘s Liz Stambaugh, The Upstart Kitchen‘s Wendy Tien, and Jessica Lemmo of Adventures in Baltimore Restaurants. Dara Bunjon of Dining Dish will moderate our mayhem.

Two Wendi’s. One stage. What are the chances of that?

Here’s what you need to know:

What: Great Grapes 2010

When: June 12th and 13th, 12pm – 6pm (rain or shine)

Where: Oregon Ridge Park

Check out the Great Grapes website for a complete list of the participating wineries, musical entertainment, and to purchase tickets.

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Salty Sweet

Compost Cookie

I’m a salty sweet girl.  I love how the two flavors play off of one another, enhancing the essence of each.  Pretzels and chocolate?  Absolutely.  Chocolate and peanut butter?  Right on.  Bacon and chocolate?  But of course.  Kettle corn?  If only I could still eat popcorn.  Berger cookies and CheezIts?  Mai oui – but maybe that’s just a Baltimore thing.  My point is that I embrace the salty sweet dichotomy.  So when I saw that The Amateur Gourmet had posted the recipe for Momofuku Milk Bar’s Compost Cookies, which celebrated the salty sweet, I figured I could get down with that.  So I did.  But then I didn’t.  Because, and I can’t believe that I’m going to say this, they were too salty. Continue reading “Salty Sweet”