Flashback Friday – The Reveal

The following originally appeared on 3/18/08 at Exit 51

The Reveal

Now that SFC has seen the finished work at the house, I guess I can share the photos. Lord knows I had enough to say about the whole process as it went on…

We went from this kitchen:

To this kitchen:

And from our tired old bathroom, to this bathroom:

It’s like night and day. I’m thrilled that the work is done and that we didn’t try and make these DIY projects. We had talked about maybe doing the bathroom ourselves, but seeing the guys using a jackhammery thing to get our old floor up convinced me that it was better left to professionals.

There are a few things I wish we would have added to the project but overall, it’s pretty much what I had imagined.

4 thoughts on “Flashback Friday – The Reveal

  1. Very nice! We desperately need to remodel our bathroom at some point in the near future, and we’re only going to attempt part of it ourselves.

    The kitchen I can live with.

  2. I’d love to redo my kitchen. It’s fine the way it is but why does everyone and their brother want to hang out in it? It really only holds 5 adults comfortably. I want to knock down a wall. We’ll see if after the getting basement done, the guests go downstairs.

    1. Boo, for us the kitchen redo was the best improvement we could have made to the house for both resale and quality of life. The old one worked but it was a sad space.

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