Vacation All I Ever Wanted

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I’ve decided to pretend that I’m Parisian for the month of August and go on a holiday.  In that Perfect World of mine, it would be an actual holiday.  In my Real World, it’s just a mental holiday.  My body will still be at work but my mind will be hither and yon.  Although I will be visiting Seattle for the IFBC Conference and stopping off for a few days in Vegas on my way home, so the vacation won’t be completely in my mind.  While I’m away, I’m leaving the pantry stocked with posts from Exit 51 that would have been part of the Flashback Friday series.  And there’s also a Food Memory that forced me to open two bags of flaked coconut, a can of condensed milk, a pound of powdered sugar, a stick of butter, and two bags of chocolate morsels.  Good stuff.

I’ll be back to regular posting after the Labor Day holiday.  But thanks to that super smart phone of mine, I can keep the comments conversation going even while I’m on my imaginary and actual vacations.  So comment away.

11 thoughts on “Vacation All I Ever Wanted

    1. Right now I am oh so grateful to have the Exit 51 posts to make this little blogging holiday possible. My mind is completely fried.

  1. I may have to practice my own mental vacation this fall when work drives me absolutely batty. But I’ll cross the bridge when I get to it. I’ll just head to New Orleans tomorrow for the heck of it.
    PS – I cannot wait to eat my way through the French Quarter. They better stock up at Cafe du Monde.

  2. have a happy vacation….please send lots of pics from Seattle, I have a friend who lives ther and she keeps begging me to visit…..maybe next year after I get over THIS move.

    1. Thanks Elizabeth. Thankfully, I don’t have to worry much about packing, security, or flight delays on my (mostly) mental vacation.

  3. I say you have to go somewhere. DC? The Inner Harbor? Richmond? Somewhere. But at this point, I’d be happy with a mental vacation too. I like your plans of going to Paris. I might try Rome. I can eat pizza margheritas for days. 🙂

    1. Katie, while nothing I’m doing this year can top last summer’s European Vacation, I have a little trip planned this weekend (Big Summer Potluck blogger event in PA) and my big trip to Seattle for IFBC (food blogger conference) and a stop in Vegas at the end of the month.

      But mentally, I’m back in Normandy. In my mind I never left.

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