Happy Birthday BAH

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365 days.  229 published posts (and counting). 1,720 comments.  24,172+ page views.  Bon Appetit Hon has had a busy year.  Since this is my party, I thought I’d celebrate by looking back at a year in the life of BAH.  Here is a sampling of some of my favorite posts from the year that was.

Muscle -This post gave me the idea to import all of the old Exit 51 posts over here to BAH.  It also is my common sense rebuttal to the wackadoo notion that in order to cook good food you have to have fancy, expensive equipment and showcase kitchens.

This Summer I – It’s nice to put down the frying pan and experience life out of the kitchen.  I remember this trip as fondly today as I did when I wrote about it last year.

Pickled Shrimp – Proof that I’m a sucker for anything that I can pickle.

Cookie Monster – These are so over the freaking top good that I think they will always be a favorite of mine.  Would you consider making me some?

Casting Call – Where I start to admit to some of the crazy that is my kitchen and give you a fine cookie bar recipe for putting up with me.

Got Stuff – I inadvertently admit in the third paragraph the real reason why I cook.

Mother Necessity – Where I mash up School House Rock and Sushi grade tuna for a rocking good recipe.

You Might Be A Food Blogger If – Consider this a diagnostic tool to identify under cover food bloggers.  Can also be used a primer for anyone considering starting their own food blog.

Life Is Better With Bacon – I have accepted bacon as my personal savior.  Have you?

The First Rule of Fight Club – My ability to weave pop culture references into a food blog sometimes leaves me dumbfounded.  Besides, that’s one damn fine scallop recipe.

Hug It Out – Where I use the food blog as my own personal therapy session.

You Are Here – Not food related in the least bit but probably one of the most personal posts I’ve ever written.

Food Memories – Frizzled Beef and Macaroni – This just makes me incredibly happy.  The memory and the dish.

Yeast 1 – BAH 1 – Like a plumber, an attorney, and a primary care physician, everyone should have a good cinnamon roll recipe.  This is mine.  It can be yours too.

Tug of War – I’ll gladly share the chicken pot pie recipe.  But you can’t have my crust.  Or my covers.

Shrimp Cocktail Hour – Proof that good food is not rocket science.

Sweet and Sour Chicken – This will free you from your dependence on Chinese take out.

Food Memories – Aunt Jeanie and Mom’s Pancakes – I don’t know if it’s because I’ve known this woman for 27 years but I still think of us as our 15 year old selves or if it’s because this is such a powerful food memory.  Do I really have to choose?

Wannabe Making Whoopie – Can YOU resist melted marshmallow sandwiched between two thin, cakey cookies?

Easy Peasy – Because flour is completely optional.

BFD – Brown.  Sugar.  Spiced.  Bacon.

How To Break A Recipe – I really do break as many as I get right.  This one, I shattered.

Amen – I’m hoping they serve this in heaven.

Like A Virgin – You never forget your first time.

It was difficult to pick “favorites” and I hope the other posts don’t feel slighted by not being on the list.  I’m looking forward to the adventures that await over the next year and hope that you will join me as I navigate BAH’s terrible two’s.  While the blog may not have tantrums, tears, and time outs I can’t guarantee that I won’t have a meltdown or two in the process.

14 thoughts on “Happy Birthday BAH

    1. Ali, my blog birthday wish is that BAH continues to age gracefully. And that I find many more opportunities to talk about bacon ; )

  1. Happy BLOGDAY! I have my doubts about the Frizzled Beef and Macaroni…. My mother made this too and I always gagged at the thought.Thank God for ketchup

  2. Wendipants, HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY! When I have a computer (and not a testy palmpre ‘too many cards are open’) I need to click through your faves.

    1. Thanks Boo. Maybe you’ll have a beignet to celebrate BAH’s b’day while you’re down in NOLA.

      You have a Pre? I (mostly) LOVE mine.

      1. OK. So I had two different kinds of beignets… I’m not in love. I think it’s all that powdered sugar. I was more excited about my iced cafe from Cafe Dumonde than the donuts. My favorite thing I had in NOLA? Cajun Barbecued Shrimp. They were fantastic. And the burger from Port of Call. Regrets? I didn’t get a muffaleta.

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