Coconut Macaroons

The Universe has a way of bringing the most fascinating people into my life.  So what do you think happened when I gathered a bunch of them around the dinner table?  Only the best dinner party I’ve ever given, that’s what.  Who were these fascinating people, you might be asking yourself.  Let me tell you.

Sweet Mary – Seriously one of the most generous souls, Mary has taken her love of education, food, and travel and woven them together into the fabric of her life experiences.  A common theme throughout all of her adventures is the idea of community.  Whether it is on a small island in French Polynesia, in the classroom, or around her kitchen table, Mary has seen the power that comes from connecting with other people in meaningful ways.

Inspired Taste – Adam and Joanne use their love of food and cooking together to strengthen their relationship.  I admire the fact that they prepare food together and it is a positive experience.  That means that there is hope that one day The Mistah and I can truly collaborate in the kitchen, which I think is pretty inspiring.

Angry Asian Creations – Lan has seen parts of the world I can only imagine abstractly.  Like Ethiopia.  I mean, I know where it is on a map but I can’t even begin to comprehend what it must be like to live there. She is also an example of a good Bread Bible Student and proof that if I would just apply myself, I would be rewarded.

Grace Before Meals – Combining his love of food and his faith, Fr. Leo knows the power that comes from sharing a meal together.  And he is on a mission to get us around the table strengthening our families, building our communities.  Maybe more than anyone I know, Fr. Leo is so perfectly suited to his vocation that I can’t imagine him in any other role.

Gathered around the table, sharing a meal, we told our stories.  We talked about our hopes and aspirations.  There may have even been an admission of some Food Network crushes, the details of which will stay among the six of us.  So in those moments when I ask myself why I keep this food blog going, I only need to remember the feeling of community, understanding, and inspiration that we created.

I sent all my guests home with coconut macaroons.  They left with goodies, but their presence was a tremendous gift to me.

Coconut Macaroons

Adapted from Baking Bites

BAH Note:  You don’t have to use a stand mixer for this recipe. A hand held one would work just fine as would some good old fashioned elbow grease.  These morsels are moist and chewy perfection.

  • 14 ounces sweetened flake coconut
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 2 large egg whites
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt
  • 1 tablespoon cornstarch
  • 1 teaspoon almond extract

Heat the oven to 350 degrees and line a sheet pan with parchment paper.

Place the coconut in a food processor and pulse until the coconut is chopped into rice size pieces.

In the work bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment, whisk together the egg whites, sugar, and salt.  When smooth, add the cornstarch and 1 teaspoon of almond extract and whisk until smooth.  Add the coconut and continue to whisk until it is evenly coated.

Using a small ice cream scoop (approximately 1 tablespoon) portion out the macaroons onto your parchment and bake for 15 – 20 minutes until they are golden on the bottom and just browned on top.  Cool on the sheet for 5 minutes before transferring to a wire rack to cool completely.

Makes approximately 24.

{printable recipe}

25 thoughts on “Coconut Macaroons

    1. Kitch, these are by far one of my favorite cookies. They take almost no time whatsoever and they marry almond and coconut in a perfect morsel.

  1. YES YES YES! i was wondering if you were going to post the recipe for the delicious coconut macaroons. confession: (yet another one… ahem…) i’m usually not a fan of coconut, something about the tickle in my throat, BUT i make exceptions to the coconut macaroons, especially yours. they were perfection, soft & chewy and utterly delicious. i’ll be making these this weekend for a gathering!

    thanks again for a great evening & for the shoutout!

  2. So very cool that you were all able to get together like this! I am sure you were the hostess with the mostest and what a lovely parting gift.

    1. Ali, I’m all about bringing people together…whether it be around the table or around the interwebs. Tasty little macaroons were just an added bonus.

  3. Ohh, I hear you there Sista 🙂 When I started online & my blog it was a means to share some back to basic cheffy tips with my colleagues & before I knew it I was connecting with the most fabulous people from all walks of life & around the globe. Now I couldn’t imagine life without *you all*; what a fantastic idea to pull together some great friends who happen to be online & celebrate, gossip & share your lives. Great idea & lovely post Wendi. Thanks 🙂

    1. Anna, it’s a real treat to be able to take some of the people I know online and meet them in real life. For me, it really reinforces the sense of community.

      If you ever get yourself to the States, there’s a seat at the table for you!

  4. What a fantastic evening. And you are so thoughtful. I bet your dinner parties are just the best. (Especially with your fabulous dining room table!) 🙂

    1. Katie, there’s a part of me that thinks I would have gotten into the whole dinner party groove of the 50’s. Table settings and cocktails, what’s not to love?

      You have no idea how much I love that table. The Universe brought us together…it was destiny.

  5. Beautiful composition and light…Great photo! I dream of dinner parties like that, Wendi. So glad you had a lovely evening with friends.

    1. Thanks Tracy. I mentioned during dinner that I had set the table the night before and when the question of “why” was asked, I replied so that in the morning when I had beautiful natural light, I could get a picture for the post. That you saw it in the photo makes me very happy.

  6. Those macaroons were wonderful! We did not even make it home without finishing both bags! Thank you for a fantastic evening and we cannot wait until the next time we all have the opportunity to meet 🙂

    1. Joanne, that the macaroons didn’t even survive the car ride is a huge compliment. I’ve got them on the short list of possible holiday cookies for this year.

      Hoping that plans work out to reconvene our Inspired Supper group in December.

    1. Jen, I’d love to do more real life things with the folks that are part of my online world. I think that may be one of my goals for the year.

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