Desserts 4 Today Just Peachy Ice Cream

Dear Abby Dodge,

Thank you for giving some less than pretty, late in the season peaches a chance to shine.



What happens when what’s left of your last flat of peaches from Trader Joe’s don’t age well? You can either take the loss or get creative.  With the help of Abby Dodge, and her recipe for Just Peachy Ice Cream in Desserts 4 Today, I got creative.

Do yourself a favor, ask my friend Googley about Abby Dodge and how you can get your hands on Desserts 4 Today.  Because it’s pretty crazy what you can do with just 4 ingredients.  Go.  Ask. Googley.

14 thoughts on “Desserts 4 Today Just Peachy Ice Cream

  1. i love me some ice cream, especially the homemade stuff. this makes me miss summer, especially since it got COLD AS BRASS BALLS this week! is this the dessert you added bourbon to? lush. 🙂

    1. Lan, I do think it’s a little ironic that my one and only ice cream post of the year publishes on a day when I broke out the mittens, hat, and winter coat. Bourbon? Good lord no, bourbon and I are not acquainted. There was a wee splash of dark rum but not enough to really taste.

    1. Ali, this really is a go to for quick and easy desserts. Of course, your guests will never know precisely how quick and easy because they have a very sophisticated, decadent feel to them. Wait till you meet Nutella Brownies.

  2. Wendi, if it wasn’t 53 degrees in my apartment right now, I would totally be into this ice cream. I love how it’s melting a little bit in that photo. Good stuff.

    1. Jen, all I can say is that somewhere in the world yesterday was perfect ice cream weather. Hope someone there happened to see this post.

      I don’t think I can hold out much longer…the heat goes on this weekend.

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