I’ve been a bad blogger.  I’ve been cooking. And I’ve been taking photos.  But that’s only 2/3’s of the food blogging equation.  That final step, the writing, has not been happening.  So I’m going to take the month of January to relax and recharge. Hopefully when I emerge from this hibernation in February my head will be full of stories to share.

Until then, I’ll be highlighting old posts from Exit 51 for you to get your regular BAH fix.  I’ll still be flapping my wings over on Twitter, skimming the blogs in my Google Reader, and responding to comments here.

25 thoughts on “Recharging

      1. I suggest pretending you are in Aruba. I’ll send warm & sandy vibes your way from there on the 22nd.

    1. Beth, I’m definitely looking for some inspiration during my hiatus. I’ve been so blah about cooking lately. Maybe I need to hit the bookstore and find a new cookbook to light a fire under me.

    1. Jenna, I’ll still be lurking and reading and everything else. Just giving myself some time to get new posts written…and maybe quietly regret all the cookies I ate over the holidays!

  1. i feel you. i know i said on my FB fan page that new changes were coming on the blog space but i think that change will be some absence myself. it makes the heart fonder.

  2. Good for you girl! Enjoy the downtime. I’m doing the same myself. Hope you come back refreshed and energized after some good downtime.

  3. Hope you enjoy your month “off”… I’m sure it will be refreshing and renewing for you. And, you’ll be back to blogging happily in no time. I’ve been contemplating taking a blogging break, too. Let me know how it goes!

    1. Jen, I’m a firm believer in creating some down time to mentally recharge. Every so often we all need a break…even from things we enjoy doing.

    1. Elizabeth, that picture was from the blizzard last year. It’s amazing how a blanket of snow can make everything calm and tranquil. Maybe that’s the feeling I’m hoping to capture over this month.

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