Kerrygold Grilled Cheese

Today’s tip on using Kerrygold’s Premium Spreadable Butter solves a common problem.  It’s been a hectic day.  And at the end of it, your plan for a slow cooked meal has fallen apart and you can only muster enough energy to pull together a quick dinner before running off to the next drop off, recital, or meltdown.  You have to make a choice.  You can reach for dinner out of a box or through a drive through window.  Or.  You can reach into the fridge.  You’ve got bread, sliced turkey from the deli, and cheese…all the makings of a grilled cheese.  Only you didn’t know this morning before you left the house that all hell was going to break loose and you would be making dinner on the fly.

That’s the problem that Kerrygold Premium Spreadable Butter solves.  Straight from the fridge it easily goes onto the slice of bread that will become the foundation of your grilled cheese and the answer to your dinner dilemma.   In about the same amount of time it would have taken you to corral the kids, get them into the car without starting World War 3 about who gets to sit in the front, and hand over a wad of cash for fast food processed burger patties and formed chicken pieces, you can bite into warm, melty grilled cheese goodness.

Kerrygold Grilled Cheese

BAH Note: I personally have the luxury to let my grilled cheese cook low and slow in the frying pan.  But if you need to hurry things up a bit, raise the heat under you pan but be sure to check that it isn’t browning too fast.  You don’t want the outside to char before the inside gets good and melted.

  • Sliced Bread
  • Major Gray Chutney (optional but highly recommended)
  • Sliced Turkey (or ham if that’s your thing)
  • Kerrygold Aged Cheddar
  • Kerrygold Premium Spreadable Butter

Butter one slice of bread and place it butter side down into a cold frying pan.  Spread a thin layer of chutney, if using, on to the top of the bread.  Layer the remaining ingredients in the following order: slices of cheese, turkey (or ham), slices of cheese.  Spread a layer of chutney onto another slice of bread and place it chutney side down on top of the sandwich.  Butter the top side of the bread.

Turn your burner to medium or medium low and cook until you begin to hear the butter sizzle and see it bubble at the edge of the bread.  Use a spatula to carefully peek at the bottom piece of bread and adjust your heat down if necessary to keep the bread from scorching.  When the bottom is nicely browned, carefully flip the sandwich over and cook until the other piece is bread is browned and the cheese has melted.

Enjoy as is or dip into a bit of chutney spooned onto your plate.

Official Disclosure: Kerrygold provided me with their Premium Spreadable Butter and Premium Spreadable Reduced Fat Butter to use in developing these tips as part of a contest.  The opinions, and #butterlove, expressed here are my own.

17 thoughts on “Kerrygold Grilled Cheese

  1. Interesting. You mock turkey for Thanksgiving yet you sully your grilled cheese with it. Ham, if any meat, all the way! I actually just prefer tomatoes. Okay, and bacon.

    1. It’s a paradox…I won’t roast a turkey for thanksgiving but I buy it nearly every week at the deli counter. What can I say, I am a walking contradiction.

  2. I looooove the addition of chutney! One thing that will allow you to still cook the sandwich on low but speed up the cooking time is to cover the pan with a lid. The steam staying in the pan will melt the cheese faster. My Brit taught me that. 🙂

  3. I love grilled cheese. So much. Instead of adding meat though, I’d add some slices of Roma tomato (with the seeds/pulp taken out so it doesn’t make a soggy sandwich).

    1. Jenna, I never managed to embrace the idea of tomato on my grilled cheese. Now, if we were talking about a grilled BLT, I’d be totally on board with that. Hey, why didn’t I think of the grilled BLT before????

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