Kerrygold Brussel Sprouts

Today’s Kerrygold Premium Spreadable Reduced Fat Butter tip crosses a line.  The line between love who love brussel sprouts and those who don’t.  And maybe, just maybe, this tip will inspire some to embrace the beauty of pan roasted brussel sprouts.

Think back to the Kerrygold Grilled Cheese.  The only thing missing from that to make a balanced meal was some vegetables.  Sure, you could microwave a bag of frozen vegetables but why would you settle for a one dimensional side when you could have the pan roasted goodness of brussel sprouts?  Forget about the bland, mushy things that have been boiled to death.  Pan roasting them in a bit of Reduced Fat Butter brings out a subtle, sharp, almost mustardy edge and they stay firm enough to spear on your fork.  This is the only way we make brussel sprouts at our house.  And there’s never a single one left at the end of the meal.

Did I mention that The Mistah and I used to be on opposite sides of the brussel sprouts line?  We used to be…and then I pan roasted them for him.  So on that night when you need an easy vegetable to round out your meal, give pan roasted brussel sprouts a try.  You might just be surprised.

Pan Roasted Brussel Sprouts

BAH Note:  Don’t be alarmed if some of the leaves end up loose in your pan.  Let these leaves get good and charred.  They will add a bit of crunchy texture to the dish.

  • 1 container fresh brussel sprouts
  • 2 tablespoons Kerrygold Premium Spreadable Reduced Fat Butter
  • kosher salt
  • Kerrygold Ivernia cheese, grated (optional)

Trim the stem ends from the brussel sprouts, cut them in half, and remove the outer layer of leaves if they look a little sad.

Melt the butter in a large frying pan over medium high heat.  Add the brussel sprouts, cut side down, and sprinkle with a pinch of salt.  When the cut sides are nicely charred, carefully shake the pan or use tongs to flip them over.  Continue to cook, occasionally giving the pan a shake, until the brussel sprouts are bright green and are just tender when you bite into one.

Serve the brussel sprouts with a sprinkle of grated Ivernia cheese.

Official Disclosure: Kerrygold provided me with their Premium Spreadable Butter and Premium Spreadable Reduced Fat Butter to use in developing these tips as part of a contest.  The opinions, and #butterlove, expressed here are my own.

19 thoughts on “Kerrygold Brussel Sprouts

  1. I only began like brussel sprouts about 8 years ago when I figured out how to pan satue them or roast them to perfection (gone are theboiled brussels of my childhood…yeeech) adding Kerrygold to the mix will only make them better!! Love your pic!

  2. I actually love brussel sprouts – – like many of the other readers, only recently though. I think growing up they were always over cooked and that’s why I didn’t like them. Now, I can have them steamed – roasted – sauted… you name it, Im there!!

    1. I also had many a mushy Brussels sprout growing up. And the only way I could eat them then was slathered in butter. Now I can cut back on the butter and actually enjoy the beauty of the Brussels sprouts.

  3. Brussel sprouts are so delicious, and so underrated in general. I’m not sure who the culprit is that spread rumors about brussel sprouts being nasty–because I totally had that impression growing up even though I never once did eat them (until last year, when I fell in love with them). And cheese on top? YES!

    1. I agree that Brussels sprouts are completely underrated in general. However, that also means that I don’t have to hip check someone to keep them from grabbing the last of them at the grocery store. That hip checking may happen at home as The Mistah and I duke it out over who gets the last sprout in the pan.

    1. That’s a great question, I wish I would have looked at the container to be able to give you a definitive answer. If I had to guesstimate I’d say that it was maybe two cups of whole Brussels sprouts.

      Basically you want your frying pan to be filled up with a single layer of the cut sprouts. So some of the answer depends on the size of your pan. I was using a 12 inch frying pan.

      I really hope that is even a little helpful for you.

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