Do you remember the opening from ABC’s Wide World of Sports? Jim McKay’s voiceover promised the “thrill of victory and the agony of defeat”. My kitchen adventures have the same quality. Sometimes I will be euphoric in success. Other times, I will be left wondering how it is that I missed the mark. To me, the worst defeats are when the dish works technically but I’m disappointed with the end result because it’s just not what I was expecting. Continue reading “Crabby”

Listen, Do You Want To Know A Secret?

Lentil Still Life

Do you promise not to tell?  I’d say I’m neither really good or really bad at keeping secrets. Sure, some are easier to keep than others. For instance, who really wants to know that when I was 13 I planned out every single detail of my wedding to Steve Perry? The combination of reading Judy Blume’s Forever and constant listening to the Journey album Frontiers set my teenage imagination into overdrive.  But other secrets, like Anne Burrell’s Stewed Lentils with Bacon, demand to be shared. Continue reading “Listen, Do You Want To Know A Secret?”



Having a BAH post featured on’s homepage is not a bad way to start a week.  Seriously, those cookies really are THAT good.


I am amazed where the Cookie Monster post has gone.  According to WordPress, it got 973 hits the day it posted.  And total hits on BAH were 1,535.  In one day, BAH got more hits than it usually gets in a month.  For real, these Interwebs have some legs.  Here’s where Cookie Monster has gone: Continue reading “Bloglove”

Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster

I have a bad habit. Ok, maybe more than just one. But one in particular involves taking everyday ingredients like chocolate, butter, sugar, eggs, and flour and turning them into morsels of insane goodness. Then, because I can’t trust myself to be left alone with such things, I take them to work. I am less likely to binge out on treats if I have to make a special trip upstairs to get them. My coworkers, on the other hand, receive full exposure to all caloric radiation coming off of the treat du jour. Continue reading “Cookie Monster”

Share Your Food Memories

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I’m starting a project for the blog that I’m calling Food Memories and I hope you can help.  I’m looking for recipes that have special meaning to you.  Maybe it’s something your family always had at Christmas or what your mom or dad made as a special treat, just because.  What is the dish that always takes you back to a happy memory?

If you have a recipe that you’d like to share, email it to me (or just click here) along with the memory or description of what it means to you.  I will make the recipe and post it, along with your memory, on the blog.

By sharing our food memories, we honor our personal histories and the people who made them real.  I hope you’ll join me on this special adventure down Memory Lane.

Got Biscuits?

Got Biscuits?

The Mistah has a tshirt that asks, “Got Biscuits?” It was a souvenir from our trip to Nashville after he returned from his first deployment. That was also right around the same time that we signed away thirty years of our life to M&T Mortgage for a corner parcel off of Exit 51. So between sampling a fraction of the many, many beverages available at The Flying Saucer, and the insanity that comes with signing on that dotted line, my memories of Nashville are jumbled. I distinctly remember exactly four things: Continue reading “Got Biscuits?”

Thinking Outside of the Box


I’ve had 38 birthdays in my life so far. My favorite one was when I turned 30 and friends threw me the only birthday party I’ve ever had. What I remember most was how much fun everyone had, not just me. The entire night was filled with laughter, especially after one guest hit what turned out be a panic button in the bathroom and building security came to make sure no one had fallen but couldn’t get up. Continue reading “Thinking Outside of the Box”

Fast Food

Now Serving Kooper's Famous Burgers

Back in the day, and I mean way back in the day, the idea of fast food was a novel concept.  When Ray Kroc founded McDonald’s back in the 1940’s, America was a country undergoing radical lifestyle changes.  The lean years of WWII and the post war boom, the Eisenhower Interstate program, and the development of the American suburbs all contributed to the mass production and mass consumption of food by a country on the move.  Props to Mickey D’s for telling the people what they want and then giving it to them.  But tell me fast food, when exactly did you lose your soul? Continue reading “Fast Food”