Honorable Mention – The Images

Sometimes I miss the forest for the trees.  Like when I could have posted all of my 2009 Maryland State Fair entries, but instead only linked to a couple of them.  Many thanks to  TKW (The Kitchen Witch) for her suggestion to give all the images their Honorable Mention. So without further ado, I give you my 2009 MSF portfolio:

Big Wheels Blush Bushels Distant Sails Tilghman Volunteer Fire Co. Tilghman Island

That last picture, the very blue landscape, that got the official MSF Honorable Mention.  But really, how could the judges NOT love the picture of the carnival rides at night?  Or the blushing tulip?  Don’t tell the other pictures, but those two were my favorites this year.

6 thoughts on “Honorable Mention – The Images

  1. Sorry, the judges are daft. The blushing tulip is a great combination of composition and wonderful light!

    1. Thanks Emily. Like I said, you never know what the judges are looking for. And I’m completely biased that all of those lovely pictures were prize worthy.

      Speaking of pictures, I hope you’ve looked at my Flickr stream and seen that beautiful slice of Hot Milk Cake. I’m hoping to get a few more Food Memories posts done before I start to post them. So far, yours is the first.


  2. i will look immediately! I am so excited!

    Now Ihave everybody writing down “heirloom Recipes” I really do not want these to go by the wayside, nor the memories they stir up.

    who knew those were the best days of our lives?

    the tulip still is gorgeous I hope you framed and hung it!

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