My Favorite Things Winners

Because Dell and FedEx aren’t going to be able to deliver the replacement for our dead home computer today, I had to move up the selection of the giveaway winners so that I could do it from work.  I didn’t think you’d mind.

Thank you everyone for your comments on my Favorite Things post.  Like many of you, I find the idea of a ginormous Christmas stocking that could actually hold a whopping 6 or 7 quart dutch oven to be pretty amusing.  If there are any engineers out there who can reverse engineer some dimensions based on the specs of a 6 quart pot, I’d love to see how big that stocking would have to be. identified comment #6 and #10 as our winners:

Shutterboo said, “I’ve always wanted a microplane but I never think about it when I’m at the store. It’s when I’m up to my elbows in butter or sausage or flour and I think to myself “Dumbass. Buy it next time you see it.”

Ikkinlala said, “I’m not sure whether Canadians may enter your giveaway, but I wanted to respond anyway: even if Santa with his holiday magic could manage to fit that Le Creuset into your stocking, I’m laughing at the mental image of you trying to remove it on Christmas morning.”

I hope your holidays have been merry and bright and I look forward to sharing all that 2010 has to cook up here at BAH with you.

On Hold

Mario Batali TM

Most people leave out cookies for Santa.  I thought that maybe he’d enjoy something different when he visited the BAH house.  So I decided to make a quick chocolate cake for Santa to pick at on Christmas Eve and The Mistah and I to finish off Christmas Day. A few days before Christmas Eve, I pulled out a cake recipe I’d seen on Not Without Salt and got working.  The plan was to bake the cake, wrap the layers in plastic, and hold them in the freezer for two days until I was ready to frost on Christmas Eve.

And then the postman delivered not one, but two cakes to our front door. Continue reading “On Hold”

You’re My Obsession


Over the Christmas holiday, BAH unplugged and went off the grid for a while.  There was no browsing or blogging or chatting.  It was an email free zone.  And it was lovely.  Instead of scrolling through web pages, I turned pages of books.  Instead of jumping around the internet, I moved game pieces around a board.  Instead of virtual chatting, I saw people in person.  And I spent a considerable amount of time trying to learn to speak a new language.  All because of my new obsession up there. Continue reading “You’re My Obsession”


Maple Glazed Salmon with Asian Slaw

I don’t utter that phrase often.  It’s  like a loaded gun waiting to go off.  I might think something is foolproof but since I’m not in the kitchen with you, I can’t know if ingredients get substituted or the recipe is somehow changed.   And I don’t want to be responsible for kitchen drama.  I cause enough of it at my own house.  That’s why I try and use words like “nearly” or “darn near” anywhere close to the phrase foolproof.  But sometimes I slip up. Continue reading “Foolproof”

Let Them Eat Cake Sidenote


Should you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to bring a cake somewhere but your cake carrier is missing in action, don’t despair.  Assemble the following items:

  • 1 cooling rack
  • 1 large disposable aluminum pan with lid
  • 1 completed cake on a cardboard cake round (I made my own out of the cardboard container that a flat of soda comes in from Costco and covered it with aluminum foil)

Place the aluminum pan on top of the cooling rack.

Using a pair of kitchen scissors, cut a flap into one side of the aluminum pan large enough for the overhanging cake round to come through.

Place cake in the aluminum pan and cover with the lid.  A portion of the lid may settle into the top of the frosting but this can be smoothed out later.  If you can’t find a pan with a lid at the store, just get two large pans.  Cut a flap into both of the pans and use one to cover the other, lining the flaps up on the same side of the cake.  You may have to reshape the top pan a little so that it fits securely inside the bottom pan.

Using the cooling rack as a base, grab your fabulous cake with both hands and go.

What Would David Lebovitz Do?

Bouchees Chocolat Au Yaourt

I’ve made the Cracktastic Matzoh Crunch.  I’ve made the Coffee Ice Cream.  I’ve even made the Strawberry Frozen Yogurt.  All without incident.  So why? Why David Lebovitz? Why did the Bouchees Chocolat Au Yaourt ruin our perfect streak?  Because that’s what we were together, perfect.  Up until now, you never let me down.  You were my magic bullet, my genie in a bottle.  You were Superman with a whisk (faster than a rolling boil, more powerful than a double espresso, able to whip egg whites to stiff peaks in a single bound). Larger than life you were in my eyes.  But now, I see that you are just a man who makes me ask, “What would David Lebovitz do?” Continue reading “What Would David Lebovitz Do?”

Scooby Snacks

Scooby Snacks

Here’s one last holiday themed post in case you’re still looking for an easy, homemade gift that won’t break the bank.  I liked this recipe so much that I plan on making it again for The Mistah and I and Santa to snack on.

Muddy Buddies

Adapted from Savory Sweet Life

BAH Note: As much as I like the all Chex version that Alice posted, and that we already packaged and sent out, I think it needs a salty component.  Use whatever combination of Chex you like.  Alice included wheat in addition to the corn and rice Chex.  I decided to leave wheat out of mine.  Also, I found it easier to use my hands to combine the melted chocolate, peanut butter, and butter with the cereal.  Yes, it’s messy as hell but I think it kept more of the cereal squares from breaking.  Be sure to use a big enough bowl so that you have enough room to get in there and really mix things up.

  • 7 cups of Corn and Rice Chex cereal, combined
  • 2 cups thin pretzel sticks or small pretzels
  • 1 cup chocolate chips
  • 1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
  • 1/4 cup butter
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
  • 1 1/2 cup powdered sugar, divided

Measure out the cereal and pretzels into a large bowl and set aside.

Combine the chocolate chips, butter, and peanut butter in a microwave safe bowl.  Microwave on high in 30 second intervals, stirring between each, until the mixture is melted and smooth.  Stir in vanilla.

Pour the melted mixture over the cereal and pretzels and gently stir to combine until the cereal is evenly coated.  Divide the coated cereal between two 1 gallon zip top bags and add half of the powdered sugar to each bag.  Seal the bags and gently shake until the powdered sugar evenly coats the cereal.

Spread the cereal on a parchment lined sheet pan to set up and then package in airtight containers.

{printable recipe}

Dutch Baby

Dutch Apple Pancake

Our breakfast routine gets, well, routine sometimes.  As in, boring.  As in, I cannot eat another scrambled egg if my life depended on it.  So we find ourselves looking for ways to spice things up.  This usually happens on the weekend when we have more time to wander about in the kitchen.  It goes something like this:

The Mistah:  “What do you want for breakfast?”

Me:  “I dunno, as long as it’s not eggs or oatmeal.  What do we have?”

The Mistah:  “Um, eggs and oatmeal, sorry.”

There is then much muttering under my breath and I start flipping through cookbooks and recipes for something, anything, different.  Most recently, it resulted in a Dutch Baby. Continue reading “Dutch Baby”