Dear Ed

Dear Ed(amame Hummus),

I often shy away from dips and spreads because they usually tend to be filled with creamy ingredients that taste good but are not the best food choices.  If it weren’t for my chickpea aversion, hummus would be a good alternative.  So I was intrigued to meet you.  I liked that you could up the vegetable count in my diet while not being quite so ordinary.  Or, I should say I liked the idea of you.  Because the reality of you wasn’t quite what I hoped.

Your texture wasn’t as smooth as I would have liked, despite extensive time going around in the food processor.  And your flavor was rather dull.  Even after you were seasoned up with paprika and cumin, you lacked presence.  So I started looking for ways to cut the night as short as possible. I didn’t want to hurt your feelings, but I don’t think we’re right for one another.  No hard feelings. Really, it’s not you, it’s me.

12 thoughts on “Dear Ed

    1. I would have to say no. I am not a fan of garlic. Maybe if there were bacon flavored garlic. But maybe not even then.

    1. Brooke, as much as j’adore edamame, I don’t think it makes great hummusy dip. The texture is just not right.

    1. Fattydumpling, one of my friends posted on my Facebook that perhaps my public dis of Ed was a bit harsh. Ya think?

      I’ve got major chickpea issues so with the exception of the occasional roasted red pepper variety, hummus and I just aren’t great friends.

      Beets? My beet memories involve the canned, pickled variety. I can’t say I have warm, fuzzy thoughts of them. But I did recently try some fresh and they were surprisingly ok. So maybe I should click on over to Simply Recipes and see what Elise has done with them.

  1. Well, if you published this with the intent of being cruel, then perhaps it is harsh. I found this to be amusing, though (if that was not intentional, I apologize for laughing). I believe that you can remind that friend of yours that Ed will one day find a gal that will wholehearted love him forevermore, so you helped him get closer to that by helping him realize that you were not the one ;]

    I’ll tell you my verdict if I eventually make that beet hummus too.

    1. I strive to be cheeky but I never know how it comes across. And you’re totally right, Ed wasn’t the right dish for me but he’s bound to be perfect for someone else.

      That hot mess cake of yours, how did it taste?

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