Joe Pastry Says…

Homemade Pita

…That “if Neolithic man could make flat bread, odds are just about all of us can too.”  Clearly, this man has not witnessed my struggle turning flour, water, sugar, and yeast into bread.  But I decided that it couldn’t possibly hurt to start small with baby bread steps to try and rebuild my shattered confidence.  So I put on my happy face and gave it another shot. Continue reading “Joe Pastry Says…”

Berger Cookies

berger cookies
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If you’ve ever spent any time in Baltimore, you’ve most likely heard of, and perhaps experienced, the phenomenon that is Berger Cookies.  For those of you not intimately acquainted with cakey, fudge topped goodness of the Berger Cookie, you have my condolences.  Because they are epic.  Really.

I came across a DIY Berger Cookie recently on  Now, my experience with at home versions of store bought classics tells me that it’s a crap shoot.  Sometimes, the ends justify the means.  Other times, it’s a total bust.  But I’m willing to give Berger Cookies a chance.

Those of you on my Christmas mailing list down in Florida, I don’t want to get your hopes up but if these work, Santa (or the mailman) may be bringing you a taste of Bawlmer in time for the holidays.

My thanks to My Little Kitchen for the use of her photo.

French Chicken In A Pot


French Chicken refers to the cooking method, not some crazy requirement to obtain a chicken from France.  Although I’m rather amused by the idea of a yard full of free range chickens squawking Le Cluck, Le Cluck.  And there was that episode of Iron Chef America that did use Blue Footed Chickens which are normally only found in France, if I remember correctly.  So maybe the idea of finding beret wearing, parlez vous francaising chickens in your grocery store isn’t that far fetched after all. Continue reading “French Chicken In A Pot”

Rock The Boat

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I wouldn’t exactly say that we procrastinate here at BAH, but we cut some deadlines pretty close.  Thanksgiving is a perfect example.  It’s not like we don’t know it’s almost here but we just can’t seem to get our act together and decide on what to have.  So here we are at T-2 and unless we make some decisions, we might end up having cereal for dinner.  Continue reading “Rock The Boat”

Life is Better with Bacon

Waffles With Bacon

If I had a personal mission statement, without a doubt it would include the following:

Life is better with bacon.

As a matter of fact, that may be the mission statement in its entirety.  It’s concise and to the point.  And, the evidence overwhelmingly suggests it is indisputably, irrefutably true.  What evidence, you ask.  I submit Brown Sugar Bacon Waffles (BSBaconW) for your consideration. Continue reading “Life is Better with Bacon”

Mango Salad with Seared Tuna

Mango Salad with Seared Tuna

Who came up with idea for the word leitmotif? I like words.  Alot.  But that one, in particular, always confused me.  Of course learning that it is derived from the German leiten (to lead) and motiv (motive), it makes perfect sense.  But I failed miserably at German I in college (I thought switching from French to German was a good idea because?) so without the help of Mr. Merriam Webster, I would have still been in the dark about that one.

Have you noticed any of the themes that run through my kitchen?  There are several leitmotifs hiding here at BAH.  Fast and Easy are probably the most obvious.  But if you poke around enough, you’ll see that I often try variations on a recipe.  So today I present you with another tuna experiment. Continue reading “Mango Salad with Seared Tuna”

You Might Be A Food Blogger If…


Ask yourself these questions:

Do you instinctively reach for a camera when a meal is plated?  You might be a food blogger.

Do you push people out of your kitchen so that you can get that picture before the food cools off?  You might be a food blogger.

Do you study which side of your cake, steak, bread, or fish has the best profile?  You might be a food blogger.

Do you track blog hits like other people track the stock market?  You might be a (food) blogger.

Do you find yourself blogging, emailing, or tweeting about the latest episode of Top Chef?  You might be a food blogger.

Do you worry about what the next social networking craze is going to be because it means you’ll have to set up yet another online presence?  You might be a (food) blogger.

Do you refer to people in conversation as Sweet Mary, Dining Dish, or Strawberries in Paris as though that really is their name?  You might be a food blogger.

Do you appreciate the beauty of a Printable Recipe widget? You might be a food blogger.

Do you have nightmares about a certain bowtied cooking show hosts showing up on your doorstep for a smackdown?  You might be a food blogger.  Oh wait, maybe that’s just me. Continue reading “You Might Be A Food Blogger If…”